Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a 2500 year old art form and is recognized as the national sport of Thailand . Muay Thai is a striking sport that originated in Thailand. It is often referred to as the science eight limbs, as it incorporates punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Due to their intense training, Muay Thai practitioners are some of the fittest athletes in the world. All of the sport’s movements require use of the entire body. The power comes from the body’s core, as well as the quality of technique used; the size of the athlete is secondary.

Muay Thai or Thai boxing as it is sometimes termed is an art that does not use any weapons, it can be differentiated from western boxing as it also includes the use of the elbows , knees and feet. Muay Thai must not be just known as a fighting art it is also a form of science that encompasses discipline, knowledge and respect. x4 x3

An Introduction to Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) Muay Thai is what the Thai people call their own martial art. The art of Muay Thai has been the country’s most popular spectator sport for hundreds of years.. It is unique among other kinds of fighting disciplines in its approach to close quarters fighting. Fighters are able to more effectively use their elbows, knees, feet and fists than in other martial art

The sport differs from international-style boxing in several ways. International boxing allows the use of only the fists, and blows ‘below the belt or to the kidney area are illegal as are certain kinds of punches. In Muay Thai, the fighters are allowed to do almost anything so long as they don’t cover their opponent’s face with their gloves or poke their opponent’s eyes with their fingers. This makes it a more dangerous sport for the participants, but much more exciting for the Thai spectators .

Because of the use of ‘the eight limbs’, a Muay Thai expert will be proficient at all ranges – close/short, medium and long. Muay Thai as a ring sport is not the complete Thai martial art. Grandmaster Sken is trying to bring back some of the Muay Boran (Thailand’s ancient art of battlefield combat) techniques which have been neglected by many Muay Thai fighters. Happily, Samart Yayakaroon– is another advocate of reviving the use of Muay Boran techniques in the ring. Some Muay Boran techniques, however, will remain illegal (or will score no points) in Muay Thai competitions. These include throws, locks and groundwork. Notwithstanding, these very techniques would add to the repertoire of Muay Thai fighters who go on to train and compete in mixed martial arts (MMA).

As previously mentioned Muay Thai is not only about getting physically fit it also teaches us moral values and disciplines in life. It teaches humility, modesty and confidence as well as to always speak the truth and to avoid committing sins in life.

If you want to train Muay Thai in order to compete in the ring you must accept the danger and pain involved. You must be willing to bravely and courageously face your fears and overcome them.

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