“Tuanpae”forget his old age and is ready to fight.

“Tuanpae” or Nuengubon(Sitlertchai) Santiubon muay thai training camp has his full encouragement and recently he has come back to train his performance by kicking on the aim seriously again. While the supporters have regulated the new terms by finding his suitable couple boxer in 61-62 kg. without limited of giving money to this winner.

Although Tuanpae had been lost the game to Chareantrab Kertbanchong muay thai training camp and he had lost for his money amounting 2 million baht , he or the former of Champion from SuekOneThongChai has his full encouragement and come back to kick the aim for trying hard to be the winner again although he is now 41 years old. Besides, for last monday evening ,  Tuanpae has come back from Phuket province to describe about his feeling to the reporters that “my lost to Chareanthrab made me couldn’t sleep for several days because I felt disappointed to lost large amounts of money. In addition , I had lost his money at least 300,000 baht. However, my supporters didn’t complain me or blame me , but they are ready to support me again. Then, they said that if there is another boxer which has similar shape and age to me in 61-62 kg. , they are ready to give money to this winner without limited of range. Therefore, I have trained myself harder continuously because of this subject as if I was in the teenager age again. Besides, nowadays I always run and train myself with my junior boxers all the time. What’s more, in the first time I felt disappointed much that I had lost the game to Chareanthrab and lost money for 300,000 baht which was disappeared from me. However, now I has my back of full encouragement from my supporters no matter of Aunt Am or Aiyara , Deputy Aan ,  Sia Phrayoon Nanla , Ph.D Sanmueng , Santhi Ubon and other supporters. Then, now I have my energy to train and to make my good name and good form again. Thus, if anyone has opened the chance for me , I will be glad and ready to fight with my full of honor. Besides, I would like to create the good form for 1-2 times and face with Chareanthrab again without making disappointed to the muay thai fans for sure.”

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