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Wittaya is prepare a muay thai fight

Wittaya Petchsemoen uses his name in muay thai circle to guarantee the four fight in Muay Thai War Program on 23 May at Imperial Ladpraw. He confirms to not disappoint muay thai fans from Thailand.

Muay Thai War from many muay thai camps of Thailand on 23 March at Imperial Ladpraw broadcast through channel 11 Public Relations Department NBT 11. This fight will be on the air at 14.00 a.m. The first battle is Silapetch Pornwarin with Kiattisak Oddpibul muay thai training camp, the second battle is Rodtang (Kiatchuchom) Jitmouengnon with Petchtakun S.Narongrit. Fahsatan Rachanon muay thai camp is the open fight with Chokchai Petchpracha, Roeungdet Sakwichean with Ittirit Jatoi, Kongsaklek Petchseemeon with Petchwalwal U.Bungchaiyapum and the close fight is Jomtong Sakwichean with Kongtoranee Payaksopon.

Wittaya Petchsemoen, a staff who set the fight said “In the past, I will thank you Mr.Wuttichai very much for give a chance to work again. Muay thai fans should not worry about the justice and I use my name in the boxing circle to guarantee 4 fights that will broadcast in Muay Thai program on 23 March at Imperial Ladpraw. This fight will not disappoint muay thai fans. They can watch all fight of boxer because this is a big gym that creates a quality boxer.

The battle of Chalamtong – Starboy

The first round of Muay Thai Seven Colors on Sunday 24 May, Chun Kiattipetch set Chalamtong Panon with Starboy Sengsimoul gym in the big fight 130 pounds size. This is the first meet and strange of muay thai tournament channel 7. They will outflank in the first bell. Muay thai fans will wants to have they cake and eat it too.

The first round on Sundy 24 March is a suitable match for Chalamtong Panon muay thai training camp, a wade boxer who fight with everyone. A manager of Panon Naksuk support by set him to fight with Starboy Sengsimoul gym 130 pounds size. This heavy weight will make boxer fight comfort. Starboy may be disadvantageous about the weight but this game will have a winner or loser. I can confirm this fight will excite muay thai fans in Muay Thai War Seven colors.

The other fight is a battle of Denpichit Dabpengnakornban with Petchdamneon Hokitchen, Gritsana Erawan who make a complete reversal to win will fight Yodniyom Pumpoungpan. The first round is Yodmuaylek Meungtai with Nejerm Lukjaomeisaiwary, Teeyodmuaylek Chachoengsao with Radchanon Pao, Mr.Pream A.Nittayporn with Kitti Sakrangsit and the last is Eakkachai Sakrangsit with Nilmangkorn Lukjaomeisaiwary.

“Denpanom – Leampetch”

Mr.Bu Meoungpetch admit the winner between Denpano from Korad Sport School with Leametch (Bunmee muay thai training gym) Pokkaoyai in the second round of Fug Tean Road show muay thai 8th on Saturday 23 Match at Aom Noi. The path to into the quarterfinals and final is clear because they win one time

Mr.Bu Meoungpetch, a promoter of Petchsupapan War at Lumpini muay thai Stadium and Jao Muay Thai War on Aom Noi Stadium open his mind with Muay Siam reporter that the winner between Denpano from Korad Sport School with Leametch (Bunmee gym) Pokkaoyai in the second round of Fug Tean Road show boxing 8th on Saturday 23 Match at Aom Noi. The path to go into the quarterfinals and final for them is clear because they win one time. The loser will fight the next round to go to the last round.

“The path to into the quarterfinals and final for them are clear because they win in the first round. Denpanom win PTT and have a good form and Leampetch win Kaiwhan. If they win in the fight on 23 March, the path to the quarterfinal is clear. I cannot tell them will go to the final round but I think they maybe have a chance.” Mr.Bu said.

“Moeungthai-Ponkri” have many schedule

The first round of Moeungthai S.Bunyeam muay thai training camp with Ponkrit C.Chunkamol in Muay Thai War on 13 May 2013, we cannot predict who will be a winner but Mr.Chun Kiattipetch set their schedule to the next fight on 5 February at Lum Pi Ni Stadium. Winner and loser have many schedules to fight in future overlong.

The tickets of Muay Thai War 7 colors were sold out very quickly before the fight open. This is a fight between Moeungthai S.Bunyeam, a famous boxer from Kiattipetch Tournament Muay thai with Ponkrit C.Chunkamo muay thai camp . Although we cannot predict who will be a winner but Moeungthai and Ponkrit have the next fight in Kiattipetch Tournament Boxing on 5 June y at Lum Pi Ni Stadium.

Mr.Chun Kiattipetch is not care who will be a winner and set their schedule to the next fight on 5 June. Now, he waits a result who will be a winner for take him fight with a famous boxer at Lum Pi Ni Stadium. Although he do not know a result of this fight but he have a future program so he is full of confidence that they show the best form. I believe this fight is fun and impress muay thai fans sure.

“This is a long schedule fight. Rivals is wait to fight include; Tai Singpatong, WanChalong Chornong, Yokpetch Somtongmabtabud and Suekim Jetaw who will be a rival of Mouengthai and Ponkrit” Singgasem Banpollamouengdee said.

Ranktemroi challenge Sanchai

“105 pounds weight champion at Radchadamnoen is Sanchai T.Lanksong muay thai camp not worry if Raktemroi Wisudjarernyon muay thai trianing camp want to revenge or save his champion but they must have a bet. A promoter, Songchai Rattanasuban quickly get a chance to set of fight in Wan song chai war on 18 April and a group of Human gold and dragon jade at Rad cha dam neon.

After the successful of creation the small boxing but get the tickets over eight hundred baht, a public promoter, Songchai Rattanasuban quickly set the top in Wan song chai war in the new quarter. The first fight is Sanchai T.Lanksong muay thai camp save his champoin with Raktemroi Wisudjarernyon muay thai training camp. Their fight is very fun and excite then, Sanchai T.Lanksong win by his experience. Porn T.Lanksong admits that Raktemroi can fight very well and better than expect. Sanchai almost win so they will fight carefully in the next time. If he challenge, we will ready fight.

The other battles from other muay thai camps are include; Petchlamsin Kiatponlatip with Sandkeng Old coffee noi, Detkad P.pongsawang with Pungol T.surat, Teakhak Sakhomseel with Saknakarinnoi O.onsuwan and the last is Petchmoeungnon S.tasad with Olee Sitniwat. Muay thai fans can watch all battle from Wan song chai war. This is first quarter of battle on Thursday 18 April at Rad cha dam noen stadium in Thailand .

“Fai” challenge “Jarernsab” to bet

Jarernsab Kiatbanchong muay thai camp meet a strong boxer “Faitikad” Thailand Pinsinchai challenge for prove his body to bet at least five hundred thousand. He reveals after stop fighting ten years ago, he still not fighting again but be full of confidence to overcome Jarernsab.

After Jarernsab Kiatbanchong muay thai camp defeat “Doenpae” Neungubon Wantiubon and get a bet 2 million in Retro Muay War. Thailand Pinsinchai, a well-know boxer offer to prove him. The journalists have been revealed details that a group of Thailand in East was offered with a full support for and putting the bet to fight with Jarernsab at least five hundred thousand baht.

“For Thailand, after he stop fighting ten years ago and went to be a trainer in many camp such as FA Group, western boxing, but now he stay in Nongkhai. He see Jarernsab defeat Doenpae so his group will support him to fight with Jarernsab in the same weight and have a bet at least five hundred thousand baht. His 62-63 kg body weight was not a problem and he can fight with everyone. Although he was not fight 10 years but his ally will support and be full of confidence in Thailand. If Jarernsab not have a rival, he should think about Thailand. Although Thailand will marry but he is still ready to fight.” Rodnarong Daopadreaw, best friend of Thailand reveals.

Takun pleased Rungtawee’s form

Takun Pongsupa pleased Rungtawee Sasiprapa gym’s form. He becomes a top boxer in 57 pounds weight around the world. In Thailand, he has a good work be accepted by muay thai fans. He is a star in channel 7 and was supported by a promoter, Chun Kiattipetch and said his body is ready to fight in channel 7 again for make fame.

Reputation of Rungtawee Sasiprapa muay thai training camp is recognized by muay thai fans around the country because every time he fights, the match is fun. Whether win or lose, he is not exploiting muay thai fans. In particular, the fight that he make fame by win Seiou S.Sunantachai and get a heat boxer award and the fight that he can win Rungpetch W.Rungniran and get the championship of channel 7. Then, he was well-known to become grade a boxer in 57 kilograms and he have many schedule to fight with foreign boxer but he must to stop log time because sore ribs. He stay at the hospital for treatment several months. Now, he can fight and have a goal to come back at channel 7 that he use to be a top boxer that was supported by a promoter, Chun Kiattipetch for take his position back.

“In Channel 7, we must accept that we have a fame from Rungtawee Sasiprapa gym because Mr.Chun support him to get a champion belt and also in the foreign country too. Now, Rungtawee recover from injury and can return to fight. I am full of confidence that he can get his fame back in particular, Channel 7” Takun concluded.

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