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Mr.Bu from Petchsupan muay thai camp set a good open and close fight in Thailand with many training camps

Mr.Bu Mouengpetch understand muay thai fans’ s feeling so he set a good and close fight for Petchsupaparn War on 19 June at LumPiNi Stadium in Thailand . Muay thai fans can gamble extremely because there are many good muay thai camps .

The battle to proof of faith in Petchsupan War on 19 June at LumPiNi Stadium, the open fight is Sankeng J.Nopparat muay thai training camp beat Sinksuriya U.Rattanabandit, the second round is Samdee Petchyindee Academy save his champion belt by fight with Chaisiri Sakniranrad, Wuttichai Saksubin muay thai camp fight Chaimonkol Petchsupapan, Petchmouengchon Tayha fight Worawut S.Bebe, Beer Payakmouengchon fight Teelek Rachanon muay thai training camp, Eakarnan J.S.P. fight Konkobdai W.Wiwattananon, Sittisak Bunmee fight Cherry Daooeun, Kimsong Sakniranrad fight Superfam W.Kongpiset Gym, Talaisan W.Wiwattananon muay thai training camp meet Chupetch Phananchoeng Camp.

In addition to the important match, Mr. Bu said he and his staff take a famous boxer and top boxer in his gym to this fight for muay thai fans can gamble like the past and not illegal the boxing rules.

Mr.Otue Jarumoueng set a fight on Dao Rung Chujarern War on 18 June. Ankmor Grabepomdeang intend to follow boxing’s rules although he can sell a ticket to muay thai fans 240 baht but is it ok. In Monday afternoon ago, Muay Siam Daily check a fight list from Mr.Prawit Konktongsamut about Dao Rung Chujarern Speical on 18 June at Rah Cha Dam Neon Stadium that organized by Chujarern Raweearamwong. The ticket cost 240 baht. There are top fights between Palankpib N.Sripoueng who just finish fighting a big match 250 baht ticket at Lum Pi Ni and having a good form by win Yodkunpol Monchai. Palankpib N.Sripoueng muay thai training camp will fight with Songkom Srisuriyotin who wins Keawkangwan S.Sajouenchai 4th rounds at Lum Pi Ni in 124 pounds fight. The other fight is a match of Eakkarit form Bangkok Thon Bu Ry University beat Sinkpayak from Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University 131 pounds.

The other match from other muay thai camps are Eakpetch Bankok Thon Bu Ry University fights Rittikrai Keawsamrit muay thai camp , Neungsiam S.Prasobchock Gym meets Nongmai Teedet 99 muay thai training camp , Masang Suwit muay thai gym fights Sakartid T.Laju, Rukkad Chumpare Tour fights Rungpichit PanYudtapum, and the last is Fanta A.Kuntorn fight Chamounkpetch Kiatpracha etc.

“Chusueon Suwit muay thai training camp from Phuket” challenge “Kangfang” not to get water for fight in Thailand

A strang idea of Sit Pakpanang who raise Chusueon Suwit Muay Thai Gym from Phuket island challenge Kangfang P.Prungchon to test a strong in the fight on Wednesday 5 June 2013 all five rounds and do not get a water. He wills not contempt but think Kangfang’s knees cannot approach Chusueon’s body. However is ready to fight with any muay thai camps .

I can’t believe he will return to famous in the capital. Chusueon Suwit muay thai training camp admits this event because Sit Pakpanang can find a fight program and a good promoter to make him well-known and win many fights. In the next fight, He will meet Otue Jarumeoung but he cross to fight Kangfang P.Prungchon in Jarumeoung War on Wednesday 5th June 2013 at RadChDamNeon muay thai stadium Stadium in Thailand. This is a right match and they never meet before.

“On Wednesday afternoon, Sit Pakpanang and Mr.Mai Bang Ka Pi reveal a Hotline news with Muay Siam Daily that Chusueon is not a promote boxer but he is smart and impress muay thai fans. Chusueon will fight Kangfang but we think our boxer will smart than Kangfang. If we have a point on strong, Chusueon will not afraid. We can set a fight without get water in the break or do not have a trainer boxer. Will you dare to fight?”

“Sinkpayak MorRajabhat muay thai training camp ” ready to fight in Thailand with any camps .

An old champion of RadChaDamNeon, Samrandet MorRajabhat muay thai training camp who is a Sinkpayak’s trainer guarantees preparedness of his good student to fight with any muay thai camps . Sinkpayak have a confident 100% to fight Eakrit BangkokThonBuRy Camp. He announces that this fight will be the best fight, he has advantage by his shape and fight in night is better than daylight.

Sinkpayak MorRajabhat muay thai training camp is a famous muay thai Tournament of Kiattipetch TV 7 War on June 5th will fight Eakrit BangkokThonBuRy Camp on DaoRungChujarern muay thai War of a promoter, Aang Mor, Chujarern Raweearamwong at RadChaDamNoun Stadium in Thailand on Afternoon’s Tuesday ago. Muay Thai Daily interview Samrandet MorRajabhat muay thai training camp that “After finish the fight with Deonpe Kiatkomsing muay thai training amp on channel 5, I relax 5 days and training so my body is ready to fight 100%. I think to win Eakrit easily because I have advantage by my shape, my skill and the fight is held on the night time that I can fight better than daytime. In daytime, I cannot fight faster and not good so I want boxing fans watch my great skill. If you cheer Sinkpayak, you will get a prize come back. Mr. Mor’s muay thai fans in Thailand and Phuket should not worry, I have a confident to take Sinkpayak to fight on Dao Rung Chujarern War” Samrandet announced around the University.

“Shan” confirm to bet at least 1 million

Shan Mouengchon confirms the initial bet 1 million in a fight between Sansak Petchbancha muay thai camp and Songniyom Pumpanmoung muay thai training camp. They will create the colorful for Prai Anan War on June 3rd  and also the gambling two hundred baht fights between Mekpayak Lunghonghin Camp with Petchsimok Petchbancha.

Shan Mouengchon from Thailand guarantees a gambling fight in Prai Anan War on June 3rd . In that day, we will have two fights and real gamble that follow by rules is a fight of Sansak Petchbancha with Songniyom Pumpanmoung. The two sides confirms the initial bet 1 million for each side 5 hundred thousand Baht and they also want to improve the gamble because the manger said this money is not enough to share. The other fight is gambling two hundred baht between Mekpayak Lunghonghin with Petchsimok Petchbancha. Those two fights will entertain for Prai Anan War.

There are many to fight from many muay thai camps ; Wanchana A.Bunchoi fight Bangpleenoi 96 Peenang, Sansatan S.Suradet Camp beat Petchsajoen S.Yupinda, Nakamura A.Piriyapunyo fight JRY Songpenong muay thai gym, Sinktong A.Kamin fight Kompayak T.P. Nakamhai, Pudpadnoi Luknonghan muay thai training camp fight Dennamchai Jachaikonsoub, Petchyodeak Petchjarern muay thai camp fight Detsuriya Berkrekgym and the last is a fight of Sinkdam 2 S.Suradet with Yoddounpe T.Manoraksa.


Praised”Wittaya”setup with funniness to muay thai camps in Thailand .

For the latest match ,Wittaya Phetsimeun still didn’t make the disappointment to the muay thai fans in Thailand for SuekMuai Dee Witheethai in the latest match. Moreover, Wittaya Phetsimeun still made the excellent match to be favored to the muay thai fans by letting his boxers to fight with funniness, especially for the master couple boxer that will be setup continuously.

Wat Liberty or the one muay thai fans said that “ ForSuekMuai Dee Witheethai broadcasted on last 27th May 2013 , except for Torkorsor muay thai tournament and 5 stars chicken muay thai tournament , there are other interesting couple boxers from many muay thai camps controlled by WittayaPhetsimuen and they were praised from the muay thai fans much ; namely , the couple boxer between Nakrob W. Suntornnon muay thai training camp , Samingyok Parasombun , ArafadArawan and Sakedthong Luakthungpho Camp to show their better form. Besides, there were other broadcasted couple boxers ;namely, Kongsaklek Phetsimeun muay thai camp and Phetphrapha Raphakarnkasert camp  to fight with funniness to be favored of the muay thai fans much. In addition, Nakrob and Samingyok was the new couple boxer to revenge each other well. On the other hand, Arafad had fought with funniness with Saketdaew to be favored with the muay thai fans also. Thus, Wittaya Phetsemuen has his excellent performance to setup the muay thai program contiously. For example, for SuekMuai Dee Witheethai that he had setup well and be favored to the muay thai fans much.”

Boasted that “Nattapon” will have the better muay thai form with his more strength.

Sanit Arwarn or the big boss of Kertawarn muay thai camp is proudly with his boxer or Nuttapon Kertarworn training Camp much after he could overcome Rungsangtawan Sit A. Bunchob although it was still the little points. However, Sanit believes that Nattapon will have the good chance to pass into fighting as the Frukthian Group absolutely.

After Nattapon Kertarworn had overcome Rungsangtawan Sit A. Bunchoab with little points , he received 40,000 baht for supporting in Suek Chao Muai Thai broadcasted on last saturday of 9th May 2013. Besides, recently Sanit Arworn or the promoter of Nattapon said that “In the last match, Nattapon had reduced his weight much until getting less strength ; however, he can overcome his couple boxer.    Then, in the next round , it is believable that Nattapon will pass into the final round and can come so far to be the master couple boxer in the future with his more strength for sure.”

Sanit said that “I felt satisfied about Nattapon’s form. In addition although                               in the latest fight he had reduced his weight much , he could overcome his couple boxer and got 40,000 baht to support. Then, it is believable that Nattapon will pass in to the final round and be the master couple boxer in this muay thai circle for sure. Then, he should get more strength and the muay thai fans should catch for their eyes to watch his form as well.”