Praised”Wittaya”setup with funniness to muay thai camps in Thailand .

For the latest match ,Wittaya Phetsimeun still didn’t make the disappointment to the muay thai fans in Thailand for SuekMuai Dee Witheethai in the latest match. Moreover, Wittaya Phetsimeun still made the excellent match to be favored to the muay thai fans by letting his boxers to fight with funniness, especially for the master couple boxer that will be setup continuously.

Wat Liberty or the one muay thai fans said that “ ForSuekMuai Dee Witheethai broadcasted on last 27th May 2013 , except for Torkorsor muay thai tournament and 5 stars chicken muay thai tournament , there are other interesting couple boxers from many muay thai camps controlled by WittayaPhetsimuen and they were praised from the muay thai fans much ; namely , the couple boxer between Nakrob W. Suntornnon muay thai training camp , Samingyok Parasombun , ArafadArawan and Sakedthong Luakthungpho Camp to show their better form. Besides, there were other broadcasted couple boxers ;namely, Kongsaklek Phetsimeun muay thai camp and Phetphrapha Raphakarnkasert camp  to fight with funniness to be favored of the muay thai fans much. In addition, Nakrob and Samingyok was the new couple boxer to revenge each other well. On the other hand, Arafad had fought with funniness with Saketdaew to be favored with the muay thai fans also. Thus, Wittaya Phetsemuen has his excellent performance to setup the muay thai program contiously. For example, for SuekMuai Dee Witheethai that he had setup well and be favored to the muay thai fans much.”

3 thoughts on “Praised”Wittaya”setup with funniness to muay thai camps in Thailand .

  1. James Matthews

    Wittaya have his muay thai camp , Phetsimeun camp . However he work as the staff of promoter so he must contact other camps too .

  2. John Kim

    SuekMuai Dee Witheethai is the new muay thai on TV in Thailand . Today many Thai people wait to watch because all boxers come form the good muay thai camps .

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