“Chun” warns every camps to watch 2 last muay thai fights in Thailand

Mr.Chun Kiattipetch guarantees two last fights on LumPiNi Greg Grai Champion from good muay thai camps . The bet of each fight is 2 Hundred thousand Baht. They are full of confidence muay thai fans can bet and warn them to watch new generation boxers. If they are smart, I will not take them to fight in a big fight.

LumPiNi Greg Grai Champion on 8 July creates liveliness in muay thai circle. After Mr.Chun Kiattipetch open all list fight thought Muay Siam who report to muay thai fans know continuously. Now, Bigchun warn muay thai fans that they should not come home after the big match finish because I want them to watch two last fights. Those are fights of Kunpan Kiattijarernchai with Chameounkpetch Jidmeoungnon muay thai training camp and other fight is Paleehadlek Krawparaorayong muay thai camp with Naleedet S.Suradet muay thai training camp . The bet of each fight is 2 Hundred thousand Baht. They are new generation boxers in “Banponmeoungdee”.

“I confirm two last fights from 2 muay thai camps will create a big bet because Kunpon is a top boxer from Wig MoChit and Chamoenkpetch is a good boxer. Although boxer in last fight is a 100 pounds weight but I can confirm they are good boxer. If they are not good, I will not take them to show in LumPiNi Greg Grai Champion.” Mr.Chun said.

The open fight of big Muay Thai fight in Thailand

Songchai Rattanasuban set a WanSongChai War. The open fight is S.J.Toai pad reaw, a well-known boxer will fight with the best boxer, Chuponglek SAO Kampee of northeast.

The notable match of WanSongChai War is two playoffs fight of a small boxer size, Raktemroi Wisoodjarernyon fight Sanchai T.laksong muay thai camp in 104 pounds fight. This match was collected top boxers to fight so muay thai fans who like this group should not miss. This is the boxer is this fight: Detkad P.Pongsawang fight Petchlamsin Kiatponlatip, Teelek 91 Rungrod Camp fight Gumarndoi S.Jidpakdee, Pungol T.Surad fight Danglan Greanggrai Camp, Takhak Sakhomsel fight Rit Jitmeoungnon muay thai training camp , Bowy S.Tippawan fight Jarernpon Pobteeratam.

Especially the open fight of program is a good fight with many camps because they are twist to get a point. Chuponglek have more point 4 rounds but he loss to Chai in the last minutes of 5 round so Chuponglek willing to revenge in this fight. We use to loss because our boxer is a stead boxer but in this fight we can train him 100%. Anyone who bet on Chupong side and disappoint, we will win in this fight and not make them sad again. Chupong SAO Kampee is a good boxer that make muay thai fans in Thailand impress so he always have fights on WanSongChai War. He has a chance to be a champion. Muay thai fans can watch WanSongChai War on 14 July .

3 thoughts on ““Chun” warns every camps to watch 2 last muay thai fights in Thailand

  1. Michael Dogan

    Lasted news Songchai Rattanasuban have the big problem with the owner of muay thai stadium . Then he need to find the new stadium for his boxers to fight in soon . Many muay thai camps are worry about this problem .

  2. Mark Kellow

    Today Songchai Rattanasuban have solved the problem , then muay thai camps are happy about good news and everyone hope dont’ be happen again .

  3. Nick Rigg

    If LumPiNi muay thai stadium want the new promoter , Songchai is the good choice . Becuase many muay thai traning camps are love him.

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