“Samdee Petchyindee camp” do not care muay thai champion in Thailand

To prevent rumor and announce Samdee is a real champion or not, Boat willing to send Samdee defend the Thailand championship with challenger in every fight.

Natdet Washirattanawong, a Petchwiset War promoter at RadChaDamNoen Stadium or a Petchyindee big camp of Academy Thai Gym open his mind after a boxer in Mr.Bu’s Gym, Samdee fight to keep his 108 pounds champion at LumPiNi Stadium with Chaisiri Sakniranrad, a new vice champion 9th in Petchsupan Program on June 20th ¬†at LumPiNi Stadium.

We know a fact if we have a champion boxer in their gym, we cannot undeniable the different fight otherwise muay thai fans from Thailand must think our boxer is not good. To prevent this problem, we willing a same champion who wants to compete for the championship attended the fight. Samdee is ready to fight for save his championship belt. Everyone are not afraid because we want Samdee fight with all different boxer for show muay thai fans to know how great is boxer in our gym.

Watcharachai training all time

Mr. Wichai Rachanon confirms Watcharachai Rachanon is training so hard and I take care him carefully both schedule and his life so muay thai fans should not worry. Although He was adverse, he will fight fully because this is an important fight. If he can compete for the championship, this is will be a very big honor to him for Adult Boxing.

Mr. Wichai Rachanon, a big manager of Rachanon that have a playoffs fight Isuzu muay thai tournament 24th with Fahmonkol S.J. Deangrayong in Jao Muay Thai on June 16th at Aomnoi. After he ballot to go the quarter-final, his kid have a lot of spirit and strive. The boxer want to be a champion in this fight so he training so hard. Muay thai fans should not worry about him. In the past, He never trains like this because training so hard is better fight so hard. I am take care him well because if he wins, this gym will have a reputation so each person will do the best. He is adverse but he will not give up. I confirm he will fight fully. Althogh Watchara ever loses Fahmonkol but it is a past. This fight is not have a same result. I request the committee to see his skill not his body.