“Mor-Otue” thank you to many muay thai camps

“Aung Mor – Otue” thank you the kindness of Petchyindee team and Mu Phuket for sent a top boxer, Morakot (Petchsimeun) Komsaimai across the war to fight with Julong Eakbangsai. This thing makes the open battle of Dao rung chujarern war on Thursday 29 August . Muay thai fans in Thailand should come to watch the first match.

Dao rung chujarern is a big muay thai program held on 4 July at Radchadamneon stadium held by a promotor, Chujaren Ravearam. The open battle to call a crown is a battle of Julong Eakbangsai muay thai training camp with Morakot Komsaimai muay thai camp in the weight 109 pounds. Julong have many experience but Morakot is a fresh and improve his form everyday. If you want to know who will win, you will to watch since the first battle.

Morakot Komsaimai is a boxer in Petchyindee that Mr.Nao Petchyindee and Mr.Mu Phuket take care. Duo promotor “Aungmor” Chujarern Ravearamwong and “Oto” Prawit Kongtongsamut thank you many muay thai camps from Thailand and a big promotor in LumPiNi muay thai stadium sent a top boxer name Morakot to fight in a big match. He believes an open battle can call muay thai fans and boxing master walk in the stadium. Julong lose Paeteng Kiattiponatip in Songkhla, Morakot have a great form to knockout Superball Temounglei at Radchadamneon.

Keep an eye on “Songkom” will be known in this muay thai fight

V Jarernsab Kiatbanchong ensure Songkom (W.Sangprapai) of Jarernsab muay thai camp , The former champion will be back to get reputation in boxing circle.

V Jarernsab Kiatbanchong The former top boxer open his mind with Muay Siam reporter after Mit Nakorn sent Songkom (W.Sangprapai) Jarernsab muay thai training camp , the former champion who return to a good form fight with Mongkolkeaw S.Sommai set a battle list of Wansongchai  on 27 August at WigAir stadium. Songkom return to a good form and his body is good. I am confident in Songkom Jarernsab, the former champion will come back to get reputation in boxing circle. “Now his body and form is good. I am confident Songkom can come back to get a reputation in boxing circle after he not fight in many years but muay thai fans in Thailand  can see his form in the lastest battle. He have an effort because he had grown enough to know anything now. We do not have to say something” Jarernsab said.

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