Pri from Thailand confirm and ready to support Wansongchai muay thai war everything

Pri Panyalak, a muay thai stadium manager of Radchadamneon sit in the head of table said he was nothing; share the duty and everyone have their duty. But when they must to cooperate, I am the supervisors ready to cooperate with Wansongchai  war and Songchai, Mr.Song. Do not worry anything because he know he have many muay thai training camps to fight and everyone are training .

Wansongchai  can set a program but its depend on suitability

Pri Panyalak, a stadium manager said with a reporter who asks about the program in this quarter has a space for Wansongchai  or not. Pri Panyalak said that he want a time for think or consult with Chalermpong Cheawsakul, a board manager of the muay thai stadium. Wansongchai  may have a program because they have a battle list but he need to see and consult with Chalermpong Cheawsakul before he leaving by the car.

Mai reveals spend three days for clear the muay thai problem with many muay thai camps .

Sommai Sakulmetta is a glue man from many muay thai camps in Thailand . He open his mind with a reporter that he spend three days for clear the problem by discussing all detail all. Then, he appointment Songchai to meet a stadium manager in Thailand today to finish problem and Songchai will come back to design the program soon. Radchadamneon muay thai stadium will have a big program and Thai boxing fans will watch the battle kile the past. He did not expect anything more than the development for muay thai fans. Of course, He will do everything for boxing circle. He decide to help in this time because he think he can do so he undertake to clear the problem without expect something in return. Believe that muay thai fans would be satisfied with the fact that the two people cleared the doubts after a long time.

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