“Somrak” still boast to show his form to be a muay thai champions

“Bas” Somrak Kamsing, a boxer 40 years old, a former hero in 1996 at  Atlanta Olympic Games, the United States, He returned to the Thai boxing ring to show the nickname “boast forever” to be a marathon tournament boxing champions beautifully.

In tournament muay thai Vigo champion at the town hall, Chonburi on 20th August , Muay Thai marathon tournament, Somrak Kamsing is the main boxer in the first because we have 7 boxers. In the final round, Somrak Kamsing win the point Victor Nag from Australia and being a muay thai championship, money, championship belt and three hundred thousand baht.

And the main match of Western style boxing “Wanheng Chicken five star gym” win the point “Yuma Iwahashi” a Japan challenger by 120-108,11 9-109,120-108. He can defend the champion Inter World Boxing Council (WBC. inter) in the Straw weight fight perfectly. While “Jaokorn” Pongsaklek Chichen five star gym fights to warm up and win the point Farasona Fedus, a boxer from Philippines 6 rounds and have a chance to join the world championship again.

After the fight, “Bas” song a song with two best friends, Kaosai Galaxy and Samard Payakarun muay thai training camp , two former world champion who have a monitor role on the boxing ring and entertain muay thai fans.

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  1. Andy Kristensen

    Kamsing muay thai camp is a one of old camps in Thailand . Somrak and Somrod are the best famous boxer in Kamsing camp . However today there are nobody to train in the camp . Somrak have open his own muay thai camp to train too .

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