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Wanchalerm want 138 pound

Dabpeang Krongpab offers an interest alternative to send Wanchalerm Uddonmeoung muay thai camp to fight with Damein Kwaytong gym. If the weight is suit with him around 138-140 pound, I will allow to compete for the muay thai championship by himself and staff pleased to give the reward for entrainment this fight.

There are news and cheer want “Kenglek” Yodwicha P.bunsit muay thai training camp who is the same version reduce his weight to fight with “Kengyai” Damein Kwaytong gym in the middleweight 136-138 pound but he still not accept. Latest, Dabpeng Krongpab, Nitisit Tangsirisakulthai a head of famous gym stir to tell Muay Suam that he and his staff will send Wanchalerm the boxer  who recently loss to Yodwicha, Uddonmeoung to compete for the championship with Damein. This is the other alternative to the holder. If Phuket boxer sees a Damein is not ready to fight with Yodwicha, can look at Wanchalerm.

“I listen the news that many people want Yodwicha fight with Damein but nothings happen because the weight is not equal. So I would like to offer another choice by send Wanchalerm fight with Damein in the weight 138-140 pound. If this fight is the champion match, it will better. We can fight and gamble to entertain. If Hadyai boxer is not ready to fight with Yodwicha, I want him think to fight with Wanchalerm. If he can pass the fight, then, he can fight with Yodwicha.

TNG show the real muay thai boxer

The second fight on Saturday 26 October on Muay Thai Lumpini  in Thailand still have the tournament Muay Thai Life 1 match in fight 3, Wangjanglek fight with Petchrung. While the second match, a promoter Singkasem said about the match of Notmai A.nittaya fight with Radchanon Opa that Thai boxing fans cannot guess the result because they are the good grade boxer and pass the big match already but this time they fight in Tournament boxing TGN.

In addition the tournament Muay Thai Life in the match of Wangjannoi Sofia muay thai camp with Petchrung Dabpengnakorn muay thai training camp and the second match is the new good boxer between Notmai A.nittaya from Buayai fight with Radchanon Pao from Padrew. This match is an equal fight. Notmai use to fight in the tournament channel 7 and 11 while Radchanon use to fight on the tournament channel 11 too but he loss when fight with Sakulchailek S.Sakulkhan or Dabpengnakornbal. I can said that both of them are not simple and have a skill. Mr.Chun Kiattipetch ruch to held this match. We cannot guess who will win or lost. If you want to know, you should watch Muay Thai Lumpini live in channel TGN on this Saturday. Singkasem report.

There are other matches of the new blood boxers between Suttisak Jaekorn fight with Kunseoknoi Keawprapon. This gamble in this match is 10-9 but cannot guess who will win. The open match is Hongtae Banchamek fight with Chanalerd S.teanpo and Petchwite Fahkamin fight with Therapon Sakrangsit.

Boat does the best muay thai fighting

Mr.Boat returns to boxing by take a top and favorite match in Petch Wised War on 17 October. By the important match is the fight of Satanmouenglek P.Satanmoueng muay thai camp with Wanchai East Rambo in the weight 107 pounds. He believes nobody can predict the result.


After the beginning of September, he held the Boxing fight and receives overwhelming response. Latest, a hot promoter of the Radchadamnoun muay thai stadium in Thailand  , Mr.Boat or Natdet Washirattanawong set the Petch Wised War on 17 October already. The important match is  Satanmouenglek P.Satanmoueng muay thai camp who win Samdee Petchyindee and impress boxing fans fight with Wanchai East Rambo, a former champion in the weight 107 pounds. Then, the other fight are Dokmaideng J.S.P., a great boxer in Mr.Bu’s gym fight with Samdee Petchyindee Academy, Rungnarai Kiat Mu 9 fight Chopper K.Sapaotong muay thai training camp . Boat, the heir of Mr.Nao said about this fight that he do his best because this is the Petch Wised heritage that boxing fans like very much.

“The important match, Wanchai use to loss but this time we change to fight in the weight 170 pounds that fit for him more than the past. The other fight are interests and excite so I invites boxing fans came to cheer them” Boat said.

“Petchlukyod S.sittichai muay thai training camp” extract “Petchpanom”

A public promoter, Songchai Rattanasuban never exploit boxing fan. He focuses on quality details every step for muay thai fans directly like a newest list in Wan Song Chai on 18 October. If you be confident in a promoter Songchai Rattanasuban, You will not miss the fight because all fight is not bore. Lukyodpetch S.sittichai muay thai training camp is the fight with Petchpanom Menayothin muay thai camp is the fight that muay thai fans should follow; otherwise, you cannot talk with the other.

PetchLukyodpetch S.sittichai use to fight in the important match, this time he will fight after the important match is not reduce the grade but for muay thai fans can get a worth enough the ticket cost. He fight with Petchpanom Menayothin because a public promoter, Songchai Rattanasuban think they will be the big match that muay thai fans like. Petchpanom is the wade boxer fight with Petchlukyod who have many weapon so this fight will excite without doubt. Although we held a small set of boxing that popular because muay thai fans enjoy playing to get money but we still held a big fight with premium quality. This is the reason we send Petchpanom and Petchlukyod to fight for muay thai fans who come to watch Wan Song Chai War. Although who will lose, we still have a lot of match so muay thai fans should not go home unless you want to loss. This fight is on after the important match in Wan Song Chai War on 18 October at Lumpini Thai boxing stadium in Thailand by the performance of Songchai Rattanasuban, a quality promoter.

Fight for the 5th ticket on 8 boxers round

In Muay Thai War 7 color on Sunday 6th September is a PunSuea Thai Boxing Tounament 13th for boxing fan. This fight is an important to go to the final 8 boxers round of Fahkamram Prasadwittayakarn muay thai camp with Yodglissada Lukneonpttapee muay thai training camp for the 5th ticket to the next round. They will fight fully so muay thai fans in Thailnd should not miss.

There are many questions about when PunSuea Thai Boxing Tournament opens the fight so Pun Suea Boxing Tournament’s staffs answer that they will have one fight for muay thai fans on Sunday 6th September 2013. The only one fight is between Fahkamram Prasadwittayakarn with Yodglissada Lukneonpttapee. This fight is a playoffs round and the winner will get the 5th ticket on 8 boxers round. No matter the results will be, this fight is heated. We should see Muay Thai 7 colors for find the answer that who will get the 5th ticket.

The top fight is Rakkiat Kiatprapas muay thai camp who will be disadvantageous by his weight 124 pounds with Monkaw C.Janmanee 126 pounds. The second fight is Daoankarn P.Borirak Camp beat Orono Iminenair etc…