Boat does the best muay thai fighting

Mr.Boat returns to boxing by take a top and favorite match in Petch Wised War on 17 October. By the important match is the fight of Satanmouenglek P.Satanmoueng muay thai camp with Wanchai East Rambo in the weight 107 pounds. He believes nobody can predict the result.


After the beginning of September, he held the Boxing fight and receives overwhelming response. Latest, a hot promoter of the Radchadamnoun muay thai stadium in Thailand  , Mr.Boat or Natdet Washirattanawong set the Petch Wised War on 17 October already. The important match is  Satanmouenglek P.Satanmoueng muay thai camp who win Samdee Petchyindee and impress boxing fans fight with Wanchai East Rambo, a former champion in the weight 107 pounds. Then, the other fight are Dokmaideng J.S.P., a great boxer in Mr.Bu’s gym fight with Samdee Petchyindee Academy, Rungnarai Kiat Mu 9 fight Chopper K.Sapaotong muay thai training camp . Boat, the heir of Mr.Nao said about this fight that he do his best because this is the Petch Wised heritage that boxing fans like very much.

“The important match, Wanchai use to loss but this time we change to fight in the weight 170 pounds that fit for him more than the past. The other fight are interests and excite so I invites boxing fans came to cheer them” Boat said.

2 thoughts on “Boat does the best muay thai fighting

  1. Andy Kristensen

    Radchadamnoun muay thai stadium always have the new promoter , because today it is difficult to organise the muay thai program .

  2. Jessica Hanson

    P.Satanmoueng muay thai camp is the hard training camp , i have trained with them and must run 20 kilometers in every times . So tired .

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