Fight for the 5th ticket on 8 boxers round

In Muay Thai War 7 color on Sunday 6th September is a PunSuea Thai Boxing Tounament 13th for boxing fan. This fight is an important to go to the final 8 boxers round of Fahkamram Prasadwittayakarn muay thai camp with Yodglissada Lukneonpttapee muay thai training camp for the 5th ticket to the next round. They will fight fully so muay thai fans in Thailnd should not miss.

There are many questions about when PunSuea Thai Boxing Tournament opens the fight so Pun Suea Boxing Tournament’s staffs answer that they will have one fight for muay thai fans on Sunday 6th September 2013. The only one fight is between Fahkamram Prasadwittayakarn with Yodglissada Lukneonpttapee. This fight is a playoffs round and the winner will get the 5th ticket on 8 boxers round. No matter the results will be, this fight is heated. We should see Muay Thai 7 colors for find the answer that who will get the 5th ticket.

The top fight is Rakkiat Kiatprapas muay thai camp who will be disadvantageous by his weight 124 pounds with Monkaw C.Janmanee 126 pounds. The second fight is Daoankarn P.Borirak Camp beat Orono Iminenair etc…

3 thoughts on “Fight for the 5th ticket on 8 boxers round

  1. Tom Pauli

    PunSuea Thai Boxing Tournament have many money from TV 7 , so many camps try to send their fighters . So every boxers in this muay thai tournament are happy to fight .

  2. Andy Kristensen

    PunSuea Thai Boxing Tounament is the famous program because the signal of TV 7 is cover many area in Thailand , then everyone can watch the muay thai program in every weeks and know all boxers .

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