“Petchlukyod S.sittichai muay thai training camp” extract “Petchpanom”

A public promoter, Songchai Rattanasuban never exploit boxing fan. He focuses on quality details every step for muay thai fans directly like a newest list in Wan Song Chai on 18 October. If you be confident in a promoter Songchai Rattanasuban, You will not miss the fight because all fight is not bore. Lukyodpetch S.sittichai muay thai training camp is the fight with Petchpanom Menayothin muay thai camp is the fight that muay thai fans should follow; otherwise, you cannot talk with the other.

PetchLukyodpetch S.sittichai use to fight in the important match, this time he will fight after the important match is not reduce the grade but for muay thai fans can get a worth enough the ticket cost. He fight with Petchpanom Menayothin because a public promoter, Songchai Rattanasuban think they will be the big match that muay thai fans like. Petchpanom is the wade boxer fight with Petchlukyod who have many weapon so this fight will excite without doubt. Although we held a small set of boxing that popular because muay thai fans enjoy playing to get money but we still held a big fight with premium quality. This is the reason we send Petchpanom and Petchlukyod to fight for muay thai fans who come to watch Wan Song Chai War. Although who will lose, we still have a lot of match so muay thai fans should not go home unless you want to loss. This fight is on after the important match in Wan Song Chai War on 18 October at Lumpini Thai boxing stadium in Thailand by the performance of Songchai Rattanasuban, a quality promoter.