TNG show the real muay thai boxer

The second fight on Saturday 26 October on Muay Thai LumpiniĀ  in Thailand still have the tournament Muay Thai Life 1 match in fight 3, Wangjanglek fight with Petchrung. While the second match, a promoter Singkasem said about the match of Notmai A.nittaya fight with Radchanon Opa that Thai boxing fans cannot guess the result because they are the good grade boxer and pass the big match already but this time they fight in Tournament boxing TGN.

In addition the tournament Muay Thai Life in the match of Wangjannoi Sofia muay thai camp with Petchrung Dabpengnakorn muay thai training camp and the second match is the new good boxer between Notmai A.nittaya from Buayai fight with Radchanon Pao from Padrew. This match is an equal fight. Notmai use to fight in the tournament channel 7 and 11 while Radchanon use to fight on the tournament channel 11 too but he loss when fight with Sakulchailek S.Sakulkhan or Dabpengnakornbal. I can said that both of them are not simple and have a skill. Mr.Chun Kiattipetch ruch to held this match. We cannot guess who will win or lost. If you want to know, you should watch Muay Thai Lumpini live in channel TGN on this Saturday. Singkasem report.

There are other matches of the new blood boxers between Suttisak Jaekorn fight with Kunseoknoi Keawprapon. This gamble in this match is 10-9 but cannot guess who will win. The open match is Hongtae Banchamek fight with Chanalerd S.teanpo and Petchwite Fahkamin fight with Therapon Sakrangsit.

3 thoughts on “TNG show the real muay thai boxer

  1. Ben Hocks

    Wangjanglek is the favorite name in Thailand , because 15 years ago a famous boxer ‘s name is Wangjang .
    However the name is not issue , the important is the training .

  2. Thomas Backwell

    Petchrung are training muay thai in every with many boxers at Dabpengnakorn muay thai training camp . It is good time for him .

  3. Mark Kellow

    Lumpini muay thai stadium is the legend of muay thai because there is only good boxers from every muay thai camps in Thailand to fight in every weeks .

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