Wanchalerm want 138 pound

Dabpeang Krongpab offers an interest alternative to send Wanchalerm Uddonmeoung muay thai camp to fight with Damein Kwaytong gym. If the weight is suit with him around 138-140 pound, I will allow to compete for the muay thai championship by himself and staff pleased to give the reward for entrainment this fight.

There are news and cheer want “Kenglek” Yodwicha P.bunsit muay thai training camp who is the same version reduce his weight to fight with “Kengyai” Damein Kwaytong gym in the middleweight 136-138 pound but he still not accept. Latest, Dabpeng Krongpab, Nitisit Tangsirisakulthai a head of famous gym stir to tell Muay Suam that he and his staff will send Wanchalerm the boxer  who recently loss to Yodwicha, Uddonmeoung to compete for the championship with Damein. This is the other alternative to the holder. If Phuket boxer sees a Damein is not ready to fight with Yodwicha, can look at Wanchalerm.

“I listen the news that many people want Yodwicha fight with Damein but nothings happen because the weight is not equal. So I would like to offer another choice by send Wanchalerm fight with Damein in the weight 138-140 pound. If this fight is the champion match, it will better. We can fight and gamble to entertain. If Hadyai boxer is not ready to fight with Yodwicha, I want him think to fight with Wanchalerm. If he can pass the fight, then, he can fight with Yodwicha.

One thought on “Wanchalerm want 138 pound

  1. Michael Dogan

    Uddonmeoung muay thai camp have only the big fighters , every one are more 130 pound . Then it is difficult to have the fight in Thailand in every months .

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