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“Seksan O.Kwanmeoung muay thai camp ” prove “Peneak”

The set of important muay thai match from Thailand in Kiattipetch Mahakuson on Friday 29th November in the great battle and also have the different boxing for Thai boxing fans of “Not loss” Seksan O.Kwanmeoung to overcome Peneak Nomnoi. Everyone think the cost of this match is 300 baht but a promotor Chun said to keep only 200 baht is enough.

A new Kiattipetch War is bigger than the last match. On Friday 29 November, Mr.Chun srt this match all program 7 important match to win with different muay thai style. Especially the important match is not simple because it is the fight of  “Not loss” Seksan O.Kwanmeoung from S.Sommai War. Sommai Sakulmetta sent him to make a colorful in Kiattipetch to fight with Peneak because this is an equal match. Peneak accept to be disadvantageous in the weight 126 VS 130 pound. These matches have the charm and interest to boxing fans especially the important match of Peneak and Seksan. Boxing fans see the boxer name and think the cost of this match is 300 baht or 320 to 350 baht all the program but a promotor Chun Kiattipech have a good new about the cost is only 200 baht. This is the cheap cost and the list of muay thai camps ares full more than the last match too.

The vice of important match is Champion 118 lpn Suakim S.T.Taw muay thai camp fight with the fresh boxer form Champion 122 channel 7, Sangkeng GelaSport, the next match is the different boxing style form S.Sommai, Lomnalay Chorung muay thai training camp fight with Chailek Kuaythong muay thai Gym, see the new boxer who use his knee, Yangtone Yod Assawin Tran Sport fight with Petch A.pimolsri which is the hot match, follow by Jaisu fight with Monkao, Sakulchailek fight with Keng in the open match so you should not miss, and you need to come earlt to see the hot fight of Chonbury Preawpak have a revenge fight with Prajanban.

Pleased “Jatui” set the excite muay thai match

Man Padreaw pleased Jatui Sangmorakot to set Chok Wagami to fight with Petchassawin Seatransfer. He point out this is the good match because they switch to win and have excite and fun match. Warning boxing fans should not think about the last time and be flexible if they do not hurt themselves.


After Jatui Sangmorakot set Chok Wagami muay thai camp to fight with Petchassawin Seatransfer muay thai training camp in the second match of Sangmorakot war at Lumpini stadium on Tuesday 19th November , Man Padreaw, one of staff show his viewpoint in this match is a pleased match for him and believes boxing fans think in the same way. They use to fight two times, the first time is two years ago Chock can knock out and win before they fight in Koh Samui Petchassawin can win unexpected, both boxer have exciting fight and switch to get the point all match. And I confident this time will more excite match.

“I would suggest boxing fans in Thailand to watch this match and not cheer only one side. If any side will have a chance to win, you should gamble because a knockout occurs at any time or it might be a shock thing that flips the match since the last two pages is occurred. If you do not believe me, you will hurt”. Man Padreaw said with smile.