Pleased “Jatui” set the excite muay thai match

Man Padreaw pleased Jatui Sangmorakot to set Chok Wagami to fight with Petchassawin Seatransfer. He point out this is the good match because they switch to win and have excite and fun match. Warning boxing fans should not think about the last time and be flexible if they do not hurt themselves.


After Jatui Sangmorakot set Chok Wagami muay thai camp to fight with Petchassawin Seatransfer muay thai training camp in the second match of Sangmorakot war at Lumpini stadium on Tuesday 19th November , Man Padreaw, one of staff show his viewpoint in this match is a pleased match for him and believes boxing fans think in the same way. They use to fight two times, the first time is two years ago Chock can knock out and win before they fight in Koh Samui Petchassawin can win unexpected, both boxer have exciting fight and switch to get the point all match. And I confident this time will more excite match.

“I would suggest boxing fans in Thailand to watch this match and not cheer only one side. If any side will have a chance to win, you should gamble because a knockout occurs at any time or it might be a shock thing that flips the match since the last two pages is occurred. If you do not believe me, you will hurt”. Man Padreaw said with smile.

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  1. Thomas Backwell

    Petchassawin Seatransfer is one of boxer from Bangkok but he train in the south of Thailand . Because Seatransfer camp have money to support muay thai .

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