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“Big Paveen” blowing the head

Colonel, Col. Paveen Puengpinid ready to take off the garland to cheer Superbang U.Radtanabanthid in the edge of boxing ring and wish he can win Sangmanee to have a chance to be as a top boxer in this year while Superbang still training at Chunbury Barracks for the convenience.

The progress of Bangrajan War on 16 December at Radchadamneon Thai boxing ring created many interest trend because this fight have many top boxer in this era to prove the skill especially Sangmanee S.teanpor muay thai camp will fight to get the top boxer position with Superbang U.Radtanabanthid muay thai training camp .

Journalists have been revealed that Superbang which served as a military at camp Paluhassabode Si Uthai Thursday, Chonburi has training at Camp Punyai, Chonburi have “Lieutenant Hin” Lt. Pichit Kesornmala help to training. The reasons that he came to this camp is for the convenient which he received the strong support from the staff that have mercy.

In addition, journalists have also been revealed that a direct boss of Superbang is Colonel, Col. Paveen Puengpinid who prepare to go to Lumpini for cheer up and take off the garland from Superbang and wish he can win Sangmanee will make the wider path to be as a top boxer. Everyone have a high hope in Superbang to fight with Sangmanee in 123 pound.