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“Kung” orders” Yang” to fight in the spirit combination war

Mr.Yang Kolok said he has the overwhelming support from Mr.mai Bang Ka Pi and Mr.Kung, the ice factory owner is the important backup. It’s make we held the million baht to welcome new year in the first match on Friday 21 February. He admit held the fight in today is a high risk but if have the sponsor to support, he will do his best.


The big program of “Kun Suek Yang + Kung the ice factory” on 21st February at Lumpini Thai Boxing stadium in Thailand . “Mr.Yang” Surapol Naratreekul set the top boxer from different wig. This is the spirit combination war truly which the ice factory owner come to entertain the boxing ring too. In addition to, Mr.Mai Bang ka pi is the important promoter. I know the fatigue by held on the boxing. If there have the foreign is good, but if it’s too little, promoter will knock. But I want to do although this fight is loss. Mr.Mai support me to do and Mr.Kung, the ice factory owner is come to support will make me have more confident. Muay Thai fans will see the great muay thai fights and the boxer will have a fight. I think this will good to everyone because they are good muay thai camps .” Mr.Yang said on Sunday evening while enjoys listen the music of Surapol Sombatjarern.