Kamjan separate muay thai training camp

Mr.Kela – Kamjan Saokamkhet separate to have his own muay thai gym. He creates the muay thai training camp and accommodation for boxer in the factory at Saimai Soi 6. He have 10 boxers include the championship of color 7- Sandkeng Kela sport is the boxer in important match by aim to create more top boxer and get the boxer from Northern who have Siam degree championship. He believes the prestige of big promoter, Mr. Chun Kiattipetch will push him up to the star.

From the Northern boxing successfully that made Mr.Kamjan Saokamkhet has more motivation to do his boxing to be the top gym in Thailand in the future. Recently, he reveals with Muay Siam Daily on Friday evening that he separate to do his muay thai gym but not have the problem with Mr.Yod Donmeoung. The reason is about the place and business for convenient to control the boxer and he still collaborates with Mr.Yod to create, do and find boxer together like the same.

“Right now I have about 10 boxers, the most is the top boxer form Northern but have the championship of color 7- Sandkeng Kela sport is the boxer in important match. Now, I have the the championship of Muay Siam Northern, Playfah Wankongkrengkrai and Sangsherng K.Sakpayao muay thai camp , Moradokjern Petchbanpam and Kengsak Naiin muay thai camp in my gym by the support of Mr.Chun Kiattipetch. I want boxing fans cheer and follow my boxers. And I want to thank you the chief of the Northern and those participating supported me to make Northern boxing reopens again. In the next opportunity, if nothing goes wrong you can watch the big fight and million reward at Chiangrai again on late March ” Kamjan said.

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