Do not worries “Bang” test – and training

Superbang U. Rattanabanthid reveal although time he is going to do the test but he still training and have full encouragement like the past. He will get the victory for increase a chance to get Muay Siam Sport Award after he missed its all the time but his statistics is not lose anyone.

The name of Superbang U. Rattanabanthid on the list fight of big match the opening of Lumpini Boxing Stadium at RamInTra road, the boxer126 pounds weight of Lumpini. He will fight in marathon fight style for thirty hundred baht along with SamA Chicken five stars, Sangmanee S.Teanpor Muay Thai training camp , Superlek W.sangprapai Muay Thai camp . This match will broadcast in channel 5 at 21:30 in Thailand .

Later, the reporter was received a new from Mr.Nan Konubon, the father of top boxer who is in a hot form that Superbang training at Koqyuha Izuzu gym. Bchr 1 agency allows him to leave the office to training for this match. Mr.Nan also reveals that although his son is going to teat at U. Rattanabanthid but not worry about his training. Boxing fans and fan club can relax. Superbang has fully encouragement in this time to win and effect to the prize of Kiattiyod Siam Sport Award.

“Although Bang is going to test but it is not bother the training. When he finish the test, he quickly rest and training in the evening. Even he will fight in 3 rounds and will wait the draw but I believe Bang can win because he training so hard. Everything is not worry. I want Muay Thai fans in Thailand and fan club cheers him”

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