“Wittaya” challenge the great master to proved his skill

Witaya Petchsimeoun is very hot in this time and joins in Petchjaopraya and gets more points from the great master. He uses his name to guarantee in the program on Monday 28 July 2014 that this fight may not the big program but all matches was screen. Do not ask about the loss. All matches will have the fun gamble and not destroy the name of Mr.Yuri, Suwit Goayyuneyong who give the opportunity for him to show off.

The yesterday evening, Witaya Petchsimeoun, Mr.Yuri have call the hotline direct from Tungsong to inform the battle of Petchjaopraya on July 28th   at Rajadamnern Muay Thai stadium of the important fight between Petchlamsin S.K.sukaikolok Muay Thai camp  with Sangdao S.kittichai 117-119 pounds, the second fight is Loeylek Petchsimoun Pornchainoi 120 pounds, the other fight is Asurakay Teedet 99 fight with Detchad S.kidrungrod 116 pounds, Neonkongjeam S.thantip fight with Choktawee S.J.tom, Suwitlek Petchsemoun fightwith Ritchai S.kittichai Muay Thai training camp , The winner S.pongamon fight with Maito Kamnanyai, Kwandome Kiatwisud fight with Gobe P.telakul, Mondamlek Laoklongtuam fight with Lerdpanya P.pramuk and Chockanan Teded 99 fight with Superchamp Jagun.

“Now, I control Petchjaopraya War and working hard to prove myself and made Mr.yuri’s program to have more attention from the great master. If you have any suggestions, you could tell me any time. I have the open minded for Muay Thai fans” Wittaya make a promised.

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