Open Muay Thai market to China – Cambodia

The pair of Wansongchai war, Mr.Thanakorn Jirapasuksakun and Madame O Priyakorn Rattanasuban go to see boxing fight on the mainland by the invitation of Chinese promoter. They see the expand channel for Muay Thai to create the reputation at dragon land and prepare to send top boxers to open the market as well as in Cambodia because the current martial arts is gaining popularity.

A female promoter, Priyakorn Rattanasuban, can success the boxing world market to list on the world and now she plan to lead Thai boxing to the world market and go into the international in all the way which she contact with Chinese promoter on the mainland China and Cambodia or Khmer. Madame O drag her husband, Mr.Thanakorn Jirapasuksakun join to manage and held this match together fully. In particular, Mr.Thanakorn is considered as the famous in Khmer.

Last week ago, Priyakorn and Thanakorn went to the dragon land together according to the invitation of the Chinese promoter who contact Wansongchai Companies to talk about doing Muay Thai business because they have the project to hold the boxing fight across the country. China’s boxing team contacts to borrow famous Thai boxer of Wansongchai to show their form in China. If everything is perfect, this will open the market for Thai boxer has more working place because China is the most populous country and there are many population. Each of fight has many people. in addition, Khmer people held the boxing fight almost every month. Wansongchai’s team always brought boxer to fight. Mr.Thanakorn plan to publish Muay Thai book for sell in the future if many people pay attention.

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