Two hot matches in Lumpini champion

The right matches for Muay Thai fans about Lumpini champion Krikkrai reveal the list of Superbang fight with Thaksinlek which is the right match in this time. Two of them is very skilled boxer, and there will have another match of Panpayak fight with Prajanchai who want to prove their skill in the weight 116 pounds in the big program on 25 October at Lumpini boxing stadium, of course.

Muay Thai fans prepare to cheer in the biggest program in this quarterly of Lumpini champion Kirkkrai on 5 September 2557 at Lumpini Ramintra Boxing Stadium. This match set the extremely hot boxer of Superbang Rattanabanthid University fight with Thaksinlek Kiatniwat in the weight 125 pounds. This is gamble with the featherweight championship in Lumpini boxing stadium of Superbang who is the champion and the other match is Panpayak Jitmeoungnon fight with Prajanchai P.K.sandchai Muay Thai Gym in the right weight 116 pounds. The other match will be reported in one-two days that can guarantee the greatest of Lumpini champion Kirkkrai.

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