“Pakorn” would like to fight not less than 136 pounds.

Pakorn P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim has accepted that now his weight can’t be reduced easily  , so in the next time he might fight at least 136 pounds. Then, if there is no one to fight with him ,  it will be alright because he has planned to fight in the international boxing program with the foreigners by not reducing weight much more as well as creating the good name to the country also.

Pakorn revealed to the reporter of Muai Siam at Rachadamnern boxing stadium after he has defeated Uaisaopor Sucheebameekaeo with bargaining weight for several pounds that now his shape is bigger than the past , so he accepted to be tired , such as fighting in 135 pounds for the last match. Then, in the next match he would like to fight at least 136 pounds , so if he might not the couple boxer to fight , he will become to fight in the international program with the foreigners not to reduce more weights and create the good name to the country also. Thus, he might not afraid of fighting with whom , but he is worried about the reducing of weight instead. Finally, he may fight in the foreign country to become the international boxer in terms of having amusing , travelling , gaining much money and creating good name to the country. Significantly, he might not reduce much weight , and recently he has fought in foreign countries before. Lastly, it should thank for everyone , who sent encouragement to him in every match.


British kick-boxing champion dies in Sydney fight  :  telegraph.co.uk .

Mark Fowler, 35, collapsed in front of spectators after fighting five rounds on Saturday night and failed to regain consciousness. He died on Monday afternoon of head injuries.
Mr Fowler, a British citizen who lived in Australia, was the World Boxing Council (WBC) Muay Thai Lightweight champion for New South Wales.
Graham Annesley, the New South Wales sports minister, has ordered an inquiry into the death, which occurred after a NSW World Muay Thai Council event in Sydney’s south-west.

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