Confirming for Sanchai not to have problem in condition

For Sanchai P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim from Mahasarakham province , now he might have the next match to fight with Nong O of 5 stars chicken daew yim. Moreover, lately he has kept himself to practice at P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim boxing camp approximately for 1 week until he has his perfect body condition to be ready for fighting. Then, it lefts for 10 days for fighting with believe to have his full body condition after being disappeared from the boxing stadium for 2 month. However, now he is 35 years old , so it might be hard for him as well to fight in this program , except for the good training to let the muay thai fans for feeling comfortable although he has his second advantage on his oldness. However, in the real day he might show his great performance to fight with 100 percent certainly.
Boasting to have disadvantage only the condition – Furthermore, Sanchai has revealed further that the way to fight with Nong O shouldn’t be carelessly; moreover, it should be confident about the better strategy , except only the body condition and the oldness. Then, his threat is the good strategy of him because every time that they faced with each other , Sanchai has always threated Nong O to be afraid of him. Thus, for this match it won’t be any problem due to afraid of Nong O without bargaining weight to his couple boxer , but in this match he might be tired without making disappointment to anyone surely.

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