There might be 6 master couple boxers to fight against each other for first time.

Hua Pakchong or the buddy of Sia Mai Bangkapi has checked the lists of couple boxers  since the past until now  ; moreover, it shows that on this 22nd March 2015 there will be Suek Superfight that has left only two couple boxers who have fought with each other before ; namely, Prachanchai and Luaknimit and Songkhom and Chomphichit. However, it lefts for another 6 couple boxers who might fight with each other for the first time , so the Muay Thai fans might have the big chance to watch these couple boxers for the first time in Suek S. Sommai and SuekOneThongChai on this Thursday at Rachadamnern boxing stadium.
According to the revealing from Hua Pakchong , who gave the information to the reporter teamwork of Muai Siam on last Tuesday Afternoon in the big match of Suek S. Sommai and SuekOneThongChai. Besides, this game might setup on this 22nd March 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium , and it will be the special one because there will be 6 couple boxers who will fight for each other with the first time ; namely, Seksan A. Kwanmeung facing with Thanonchai T. Sangthiannoi , Taksinlek Kertniwat facing with Phetuthong A. Kwanmueng , Chomthong Chuwattana facing with Denphanom of Keelakorat School , Kotchasarn W. Wiwattananon facing with Surachai Nayoksanya , Phetmai Sitchedaew facing with Phetnamngam S. Meeudorn , Methee Sorchor Toipadreaw facing with Kusakornnoi S. Chulasane.
Hua said that for this big program , Sia Sommai has screened of the great couple boxers precisely , so there will be only 2 couple boxers who will fight with each other again ; namely, Prachanchai ,who has lost to Luaknimit with surprising and Songkhom who has fought amusingly with Chomphichit to take turn for being the winner. Similarly, there will be another 6 couple boxers who never meet with each other before , especially for Seksan to face with Thanonchai with being worth to pay much money.  Moreover, in his view , these couple boxers might fight with funniness in all 5 rounds with their good strength for letting to predict the result of game.

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