NongO fight with Chamuakthog again .

For the international boxing style or Nong O of 5 stars chicken , he might fight with Chamuakthong S. Yuphinda by bargaining weight for 2 pound in 134-136 pounds. Moreover, this couple boxer has fought for 3 times and Chamuakthong has lost in 2 times and won for 1 time only. Thus, with better IQ of Nong O he has more advantages than Chamuakthong surely , and for Chamuakthong he has his severe knees to knee up. Then, it is depending on Nong O to be knocked in the early round or win his couple boxer because of his good performance with 3-2.

Similarly, Khwankhao of Rattanabundit might fight with Phetphanomrung Kertmu 9 in 132 pounds , and in the last match Khwankhao or the beautiful pay respecting from Ubon Rachathani has won his couple boxer for 1 times on fighting at channel 11. Thus, in this time their performance have tied-up to each other , so it is depending on the performance and IQ for both of them to be the winner and fight for funniness. However, with the rating it shows that now Khwankhao has his more chance to be the winner with 5-4.

Additionally, in the next match Superball Teemuenglei might fight with Songkhom Sakhomsin in 123 pounds , but Superball has won his couple boxer for 1 time. However, in this match he can’t be careless because Songkhom has showed his better form to knock their couple boxers all the times by showing all severe strategies and dangerous elbows. On the contrary, Superball is the strong boxer , especially when fighting on the internal way , except to be knocked for being the loser. As the result, Superball has his more advantages than his couple boxer for 3-2.

Significantly, in the next match Aranchai Kerttiphat from Ubon Rachathani might fight with the old one or Yodthuanthong Phetyindeeacademy in 133-135 pounds. Besides, this couple boxer has fought for 3 times to win and tie-up for each of once time. Then, it is depending on the strategy to fight because both of them have the strong knees to fight with funniness surely. However, Aranchai has his better rating than his couple boxer a little for 10-9.

Similarly, Onechai Ramboesarn will fight with Sam Dee Phetyindee Academy in 109 pounds as fighting with each other for 7 times by winning for 5 times and losing for 1 time with funniness. For One Chai he is the strong knees boxer , but Sam Dee is the severe left chin boxer. Thus, it is depending on their strategy to fight for being prove , but now Samdee has his better rating to fight with 10-9.

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