Push up “Modkhanron” to fight in the boxing round.

The commander Wake is really like the boxing style of Modkhanron N. Chutikarn of Andaman university although in the last match he has lost to Offside Sitniyom for the latest match due to his smaller size. However, it is ready to bring the new one in 39 kg. to fight with him to grasp for several hundred thousand baht.

On the last match, Modkhanron N. Chutikarn of Andaman university has fought for the first match of Suek Atsawindam with Offside Sitniyom on last Sunday of 29th March 2015 to fight with funniness. Moreover, he has used his good strategy to fight with Offside until he seemed to be the loser. However, in the fourth round he has been knocked by the chin of Offside and be the loser with his more disadvantages for the smaller size also.

However, the commander Wake Phinsinchai who has known Modkhanron for a long time  has never seen the good form of him. However, finally he has become favored of this boxer’s performance although he has been the loser. On the other hand, Modkhanron is ready to fight in 39 kg. to grasp for several hundred thousand baht soon.

As the result, Although Modkanron has his smaller size , his performance is outstanding even seeing him for the first time. However, it was because the teamwork have planned in the wrong way , so if he has practiced himself in the new way for fighting in 39 kg. , it might be in the beautiful way to pass into the deep round surely.

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