“Yodonephadet” is ready to get revenge with “Somrak” on this 2nd April 2015 by Mat to be the trainer.

Now, Samat Phayakarun has invested money  on Somrak’s side for the old boxing style program under the special regulation between Somrak and Yodonephadet S. Chulasane because of his more freshness and speediness to be the winner not so hard. In addition, it has increased large amounts of money for Somrak with 150000 baht also. Thus, the promoter Mit Nakorn has confirmed about the readiness without removing for any couple boxer surely.

According to the progression of report in Suek OneMitChai and Suek Phetwisate on this Thursday of 2nd April  2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium, the promoter has created the good current for making the list of Somrak T. Thepsuthin or the 41 years old to grasp 6 million baht with Yodonephadet S. Chulasane or the 53 years old boxer including of a lot leading ones.

Lately, at 3.30 p.m. for last Tuesday the promoter Mit Nakorn has gone to T. Thepsuthin and S. Khamsing Muay Thai camp located at Nawamin 95 road in terms of visiting and watching the practice of Somrak Khamsing or the gold medal Olympics boxer of Thailand. Moreover, in this time it has the news that Somsak Thepsuthin or  the former of vice prime minister might join to watch the practicing of him also including of the crowded of Journalists to reports the news in this subject much.

However, at that day the former of vice prime minister  or Somsak Thepsuthin couldn’t come to join in watching this practicing due to his busyness in the significant task. Thus, at that time Somrak has begun to warm up his body and come to train himself on the boxing stage with the supporting of Mat or Samat Phayakarun or the one of senior boxers to be  the trainer only.  On the other hand, along the training match Somrak seemed not to be serious and used his eye sights to avoiding of the fists to be cheered up by his friends , and he has fought for totally 2 rounds until finishing his training.

After that, Somrak has interviewed with the reporters by boasting that he might defeat the Lietunent Yod by showing his good form for sure with his readiness. Similarly, he views that with his overweight for 1 kg. it will not have any problem with the easy plan to fight in which way. Thus, with his professional style he said that he is confident to overcome the Lietunant Yod without much boasting.

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