“Kodea” has confirmed not to intervene “Kwag” ; he is glad that Kwag has aided his boxers in the team.

Kodea or Pharanchai Adithepworaphan has confirmed that since the past until now he can stand up in this boxing circle no matter of any role because of his saying the truth all the times. Thus, Sia Khak P.K. can feel comfortably because after he has promised with him , he might not forget his saying surely by stabbing back on another people. In addition, it should pay attention to our own role in the excellent way by letting the promoters to work with the promise.

Kodea has confirmed again that Sia Kwag is the head of the boxing camp or the new , but excellent generation to make this boxing circle beautiful. Thus, he is really glad that he might assist on his boxing camp as well as training his boxers. Then, after he has promised with him not to intervened him to work , so he can feel comfortable with this saying because he might stab on the back for another people surely. Otherwise, he can’t work in this boxing circle to be flourish , and this is their life style to work as their roles without making terrible things to the Muay Thai fans in Thailand and the affiliation definitely.

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