2 Groups supported by “Sia Nao” and “Sia Mai” have joined in this exchanging the boxer activity.

For  Palangmai group, it leads by Sommai Sakulmateta of Phetyindee group and Sia Nao including of Sia Mu Phuket to exchange for the well-known couple ones by setting up of the big match in the early of this August. Thus, the Muay Thai fans of this age can prepare to scream at Rachadamnern boxing stadium absolutely beginning on this 13rd August , and Sia Mai has announced to exchange for all boxers in the programs as the color of the boxing circle too.

Besides, it is the good opportunity for the Muay Thai fans to cheer up of the big match soon between 2 big groups ; namely, Phetyindee Group and Palangmai Group. Lately, Palangmai Group ; namely, the promoter Sommai Sakulmateta and the teamwork of Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong , Otea Charumeung , the Surgeant Bensin  Korat , Huapakchong and Sitphakphanang has joined the party with Phetyindee Group leading by  the Promoter Mit Nakorn , Mu Phuket and Kru Ood Buayai at Kruasomphong at Kasertnawamin Ramintra Road. However, on this party Sia Nao or Wirat Wachirarattanawong or the promoter of Lumphinee boxing stadium was busy , so he couldn’t join in this party as same as others.

The promoter Sommai has confirmed that he might join in every program with the concept idea to setup the different boxing program for creating the color of the boxing circle. Besides, it will have the exchange of opinions with the teamwork of Phetyindee , and everyone should perform his task well in order to let the Muay Thai fans to watch the big match by exchanging the well-known boxers of Palangmai Group and Phetyindee Group beginning on the first match on this 13rd August 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium.

There will be the exchanging of the boxers between 2 big groups ; namely, Phetlumphinee Group and Palangmai Group. Then, it believes that the boxing circle might have more colors. Besides, it will begin with Suek Millionnaire Charumeung broadcasted on this 15th July 2015 that Superlek of Rattanabundit university might fight with Phetuthong A. Khwanmeung. After that, in the early of the next month there will have several couple ones to fight also. In addition, Sia Mai still announces that Palangmai Group of him might not only exchange the boxers within the group only , but he might also open to exchange the boxers in every Muay Thai camp to favor and make impression to the Muay Thai fans as much as it can.

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