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It has taught “Sanphon” to show the good performance.

Samir Nai Ph. Chaiwat or the trainer of the beloved boxer has taught Sanphon Luakbanyai to show his good performance after being the lose one for several matches. Thus, lately he has his queue to fight with Phetphandam Dabransarahkham.

Later, Sanphon Luakbanyai might have his queue to fight with Phetphandam Dabransarakham on channel 7 of this Sunday of 2nd August in 2015. Therefore, Samirnai Ph. Chaiwat or the good trainer of Luakbanyai boxing camp has applied the strategy as well as practicing at S. Dechaphan to become the excellent one after being knocked for several matches.

Thus, on this match the boxer has his good attention after losing for several ones with his less confidence. Then, more practice at S. Dechaphan of the Litenent Chat is , more strength of his body might be to become the excellent one.

It has done with the asking of “Sing Lak Choknamchai”.

Big Chun Kertphet  or the outstanding promoter  of 3 years Sports Authority of Thailand  has performed with the task of Morchit Muay Thai fans on channel 7. Then, he has made the list of Singpharanchai to fight with Choknamchai Sitchakung in 118 pounds in order to be guaranteed as the correct couple one.  

For the next program of Suek Muai Thai Ched See broadcasted on Sunday of 9th August in 2015 at Morchit Ched See , promoter Chun Kertphet has brought the well-known master couple one to cheer up on the program , especially for the master couple one; namely, Sing Pharanchai to fight with Choknamchai Sitchakung in 118 pounds following by the second couple one or Sornthong S. Yingchareonkarnchang to fight with Satanfah Imminent Air in 120 pounds including of Phetthungyang Keelasports to fight with Singthongnoi Kertkittiphan in 108 pounds , Numnoi Sitchemaew to fight with Tamindam A. Onechird in 112 pounds , Peekasaddonmeung to fight with Yodphayak Phitakphapadang in 100 pounds and Tengneung Pheekasaddonmueng to fight with Silarit W. Wantawee in 105 pounds.

On the next Sunday, the teamwork might make the list of couple boxer to prove their performance, especially for the master couple one by bringing to fight at Morchit boxing stadium as well as Singpharanchai to fight with Choknamchai Sitchakung in 118 pounds as the correct couple one to be quaranteed.

“Superlek” has been waiting to fight with this old one for several days.

Kert mu 9 or the famous trainer of the senior boxer or Superlek of Rattanabundit university has confirmed to the boxer not to be careless for fighting with Phetuthong A. Kwanmeung or the old proponent in 127 pounds after being elbowed and lost him in the last match. Then, on this match he will get revenge again with Superlek as the master couple one of Suek Charumeung and Suek millionaire S. Sommai broadcasted on this Wednesday of 15th July 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Besides, this boxer has had his good lesson before, so he should prepare himself well to overcome his old one.

It’s time for getting revenge of his old proponent again or Superlek of Rattanabundit university after he has been taken care by teacher Sudchai Phumphrakhon as well as Lukchaichedcha Kertmu 9 to get revenge with Phetuthong or the old proponent again on this Wednesday of 15th July 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. In addition, he has elbowed until being the loser of the game and was needled for several ones.

For the last match , Superlek has gain the good lesson , so in this match he shouldn’t be careless for the old one. Then, he should practice himself well with having his good attention to fight with Phetuthong again. Finally, Phetuthong might fight in 127 pounds without any problem surely depending on whoever to be the winner.

Otea Charumeung or the promoter has revealed that this couple one has fought with each other before with funniness to favor of the Muay Thai fans already. Thus, on this match the game might be more amusing surely , so the Muay Thai fans should cheer up this couple one to predict whoever will be the winner .

Muay Thai Kickboxing Among The Best Ways To Feel Strong And Burn Fat

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During his career, Dekkers fought from the the greatest warriors to ever emergence from Thailand. Dekkers any tendency to buy head-to-head along with his opponents, which made him a popular with fight fans, and he was the first foreigner in Thailand to become chosen as compared to the “Muay Thai Fighter of the Year,” an award offered to him in 1990.

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The last article every week was attention on the muay thai program at Crazy88 BJJ Martial Arts Academy. The category was taught by Mma fighter Aung La N Sang. Aung stated that he rrs known for a 12-5 MMA record and that is looking carry on fighting. Stop smoking . class, students commented in their enjoyment of coaching at the facility. Julius Park stated his commitment boost the activity of the muay thai competition team and revealed plans to a ring and a single cage into the facility. This became the last article for local news in Energy.