It has taught “Sanphon” to show the good performance.

Samir Nai Ph. Chaiwat or the trainer of the beloved boxer has taught Sanphon Luakbanyai to show his good performance after being the lose one for several matches. Thus, lately he has his queue to fight with Phetphandam Dabransarahkham.

Later, Sanphon Luakbanyai might have his queue to fight with Phetphandam Dabransarakham on channel 7 of this Sunday of 2nd August in 2015. Therefore, Samirnai Ph. Chaiwat or the good trainer of Luakbanyai boxing camp has applied the strategy as well as practicing at S. Dechaphan to become the excellent one after being knocked for several matches.

Thus, on this match the boxer has his good attention after losing for several ones with his less confidence. Then, more practice at S. Dechaphan of the Litenent Chat is , more strength of his body might be to become the excellent one.

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