It has changed into the new pretty name.

Yoshi or Suphasate Kerttiwat or the big boss of S. Kerttiwat boxing camp has revealed his mind after Mangkornphet S. Kerttiwat Maruai might fight on 26th Isuzu as well as fight on the first match with Portortor Phetrungriang on Suek Chao Muai Thai broadcasted on this 22nd August 2015 through channel 3. Thus, now Rachasak S. Woraphin and Chitti Damriram or the big boss of Chittiyim might take care of Mangkornphet S. Kerttiwat in order to pass into the deeper round surely although he isn’t the outstanding one of this match.

Yoshi said that he has the opinion for letting everyone to pass into the deeper round little by little. Recently, Rachasak S. Woraphin might take charge of Mangkornphet with the big boss of Chittiyim. Then, the Muay Thai fans of Suek Chao Muai Thai shouldn’t be worried about the perfectness though this boxing camp is only the small one without the good name in the boxing circle. However, this boxing camp has received the advices to let the couple ones to fight in this boxing circle much.

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