It has the new statistic after “Yodphanomrung” has defeated his couple one.

Currently, Yodphanomrung Chitmeungnon has won Chuchareon Dabransarakham in 2 of 3 matches. Then, on this 5th October 2015 they might fight as the master one again ; however, it shows that Chuchareon always has his fresh form for 3 matches. In addition, on this match he might fight in 136 pounds to put his much effort on this subject.

For Suek Chit Mueng Non on this 5th October 2015, there will be Chitmuengnon to fight with Ouan Muengnon as well as the teamwork to take care of the master one ; namely, Chuchareon Dabransarakham to fight with Yodphanomrung Chitmuengnon following by the second one or Yodwicha Kermmuaithaiyim to fight with Sansatan P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim ,Rittewada Sittikul to fight with Manasak Sorchor Lekmuengnon, Phetrung Sitsornong to fight with Praewhae Yodatsawintransports, Rit Chitmeungnon to fight with Chokdee The Gulf Pattaya , Singthongnoi Kerttiphan to fight with Pomphet Singbansrang and Phetnarin P. Pekko to fight with Koko Paemeanburi.

Ouan reveals that for the master one , now Yodphanomrung has won Chuchareon for 2 of 3 matches by showing of the good statistic. However, with the fresh form of Chuchareon totally 3 matches , he might not lose this game easily. On the contrary, this weight is the fitted one of Yodphanomrung to be the winner also.

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