“Chomthong” has his long queues to fight for 8 matches continuously.

Sia Mor has revealed that now the excellent one from Yasotorn province or Chomthong Chuwattana might have programs to fight nearly every months after making the contract at Thailand and China for 8 matches continuously. Lately, he has showed the good form in Suek Super Muai Thai by winning Ukrainian boxer to favor the teamwork of Work Point until the executive named Phanya Nirandkul and Buakhao Banchamake have thanked him.

After Chomthong Chuwattana has broadcasted on television to be watched by the Muay Thai fans throughout the country again for Muai Thai program on channel 1 of Work Point showed on last evening of Saturday 5 December, 2015 , the name of Chomthong Chuwattana has been back to be the hot one again after he has showed the excellent form to knock Ukrainian boxer named Cherkil Kuleeba by counting for 8 times. As the result, it has made the impression to the teamwork much.

Later on the night of Sunday , Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong or the head of Chomthong boxing camp has given the news to Siam Daily that in this time Chomthong has his good chance to show his performance on the boxing stadium after grasping the world champion at Japan. Besides, he had been practicing himself until overcoming this Ukranian boxer or the one with good strategy beautifully.

Therefore, now Chomthong has his long programs to fight because he has made the contract to fight for 8 times continuously separating as in Thailand for 4 matches including of this match and in China for another 4 matches. In addition, in the next time he might let this boxer to fight at Chencho of China since 15th January of A.D. 2015. On the other hand, the way that he might fight at China will gain much money for each time of 10,000 US Dollars after making the contract with a coordinator. After that, Chomthong has taken a rest for a few days and continue to practice himself. What’s more, since he has won Ukranian boxer , Work Point executives are satisfied much. Later, in the near future they might have the good right to broadcast on television more often for sure.

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