“Phetdam” has confirmed to knock his one to become the first champion in his life.

Chao John or Phetdam Phetyindee Academy can’t tell whether now his body condition is good or bad, but he might show the great strategy to Khunharn Sitthongsak on Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai on this Tuesday of 8th December 2015 for sure after he has been the champion in 118 pounds at Lumphinee boxing stadium and Thailand stadium. However, it should warn for Khunharn that for this work if he hasn’t prepared themselves , he may be forced to knock his couple one only while he would like to grasp for the first champion in his boxing life much.

Now, it has another boxer of Phetyindee Academy named Chaojohn or Phetdam Phetyindee Academy who is the boxer from Phiboonmangsaharn at Ubonrachathani province showing the great performance in 3 matches. Lately, he has confirmed that in the next match he might fight with Khunharn Sitthongsak in Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai on this 8th December 2015. Similarly, he is preparing to use his fists and left chins to knock his couple one after practicing himself for 3 weeks until he has his good body condition. Therefore, they have never met each other before , so it might be the good opportunity for him to grasp for 2 champion belts for only one match in the same time because this match has for 2 champion belts to grasp.

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