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“Siae Kim is sick until removing ; Chun has adjusted the new one with paying 420 baht.

Sia Kim Sit Sortor Taew isn’t ready to fight on the next match , so Chun Kertphet has made a decision to make the list of Banlangngen Ph. Peannaphat to fight with Kaewphayak Chitmeungnon. Besides, he might fight as the supporting one of Suek Kertphet and Suek Khwak P.K. Then, on this 22nd December in 2015 it should ticket the price for the viewers of  420 baht, and it might adjust the numbers of the couple ones to fight on this program as much as possible.

Chun has revealed that for the supporter of Suek Kertphet and Suek Kwak P.K. broadcasted on this 22nd December in 2015 it might make the list of Jamesak Sakburiram to fight with Sia Kim Sit Sortor Taew. However,  in this game Sia Kim isn’t ready to fight , so it has adjusted to be Banglangngen Ph. Peannaphat to fight with Kaewphayak Chitmuengnon as the supporting couple one with the ticket price of 420 baht. Therefore, it might be the accidence for Sia Kim who is unable to fight with Jamsak. Thus, it has altered to be Banlangngen Ph. Peannaphat to fight with Kaewphayak Chitmeungnon as the supporter with the ticket price of 420 baht. What’s more, it might adjust to make the list of Sanpharanchai to fight with Rakkandang A. Muengkantrang as the first couple one to show the better performance.

For the master one of 2 years or Panphayak Chitmeungnon , in this match he might grasp the champion in 126  pounds at Lumphinee boxing stadium with Kaona P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim following by the second one or Yodphanom Chitmuengnon to fight with Chuchareon Dabransarakham , Banlangngen Ph. Peannaphat to fight with Kaewphayak  Chitmeungnon , Pomphet Singbansrang to fight with Yodbuadang Dabphommahachai , Chailar Sarawatpaemahathai to fight with Mangkornthong T. Morsri and Pheemai Arawan to fight with Phetnarin P. Pekko.

For this birthday, the big boss of P.K. might show the good form to gain the gold and cash.

Sia Kwak P.K. has confirmed that now the boxers in his team might fight on this December no matter of anyone. Thus, if each one can show the impressive form , they might be supported with a large amounts of money as the new year’s gift. Moreover, he might reward for the boxers who show the good form without worrying and more advantages.

Lately, the big boss of P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim boxing camp might celebrate for his birthday on this December. Besides, Sia Kwak P.K. has revealed his mind to confirm that if any boxer who fight on this December can show the impressive form , he might support with much money as the new year’s gift to reward for the boxers of course without taking advantage from them surely.

The big boss of P.K. boxing camp has revealed his mind to confirm that this month might be the special one as his birthday month. Therefore, the boxers in his teamwork might have the good chance to fight on this December , so anyone who has the good form might be supported as the New Year’s gift for both gold and cash. Then, it’s left only to show the good form only to gain the New Year’s prize after the Muay Thai fans have reward them all the times.

Muay Thai and Women

Although it’s true that martial arts were used only by men until recently, there are more and more women who use these arts as fitness activities or even for becoming professional fighters. When they use them as fitness activity they are looking for a way to relieve the stress that builds up in their body, but also to lose weight and improve their health.
Thai boxing or Muay Thai is one of the oldest martial arts in Asia and in the world. It is obvious that this sport originates from Thailand. Those who are not very experienced in these sports probably won’t notice much difference between Muay Thai and other martial arts, but there is a huge difference. So, in addition to the use of arms and legs there is a lot of clinching and throwing of the opponents and knee and elbow strikes. The rules allow grabbing and holding of the legs of the opponent and flying kicks.
Muay Thai is a very interesting and highly dynamic combat sport because of the many fist and feet techniques. Although the chances of getting injured today are really low it is advised to use good protective equipment and to be monitored by true professional trainers. They can be found in almost any Muay Thai training camp in Thailand.
Most women choose this sport because of the opportunity to improve their self-defense techniques. But, as we have mentioned before this is not the only benefit of practicing this type of training – improved stamina, endurance, physique, spirit and mind are some of the other things every man and woman can get from Muay Thai. Women have started practicing Muay Thai few years ago. When it comes to Muay Thai as a fitness activity the basic goal is to increase strength and endurance which ultimately leads to better self-esteem and self-confidence. Muay Thai training tones muscles, melts extra pounds and strengthens all categories of muscles. Women can get attractive buttocks and abs in no time.
Keep in mind that you can visit a beautiful beach once the training is finished. If you want to travel to Thailand remember to find a good camp and affordable plane ticket.

“Sangmanee” has cheered up for being the champion on Siam Sports Awards.

Sangmanee S. Thianpho has asked for the sympathize from the committees ; it should be confident in his perfect statistic work. Then, now he has lost only Taksinlek Kertniwat because he has bargained the weight for Taksin too. Then, if he is able to win Seksan A. Khwanmeung on the 70th birthday program of Rachadamnern boxing stadium , he might have a good opportunity to grasp the excellent boxer prize of Siam Keela Award and the excellent boxer prize of the club of reporter on Sports New as another one.

Lately, Sangmanee S. Thianpho has lost the scores to only Taksinlek Kertniwat while he has bargained his weight for 2 pounds. Then, it makes him miss the excellent boxer prize of Thailand Sports with wonders ; on the other hand, he can cheer up to grasp other prizes no matter of the excellent boxer prize of the club of reporters on Sports New. Besides, after he has won Seksan A. Khwanmeung as the excellent boxer of Thailand Sports , he would like to ask for the sympathize from the committees to consider also.

Sangmanee said that if he can win Seksan on the birthday of Rachadamnern boxing stadium , it should let the committees to feel sympathized of him by viewing from the statistics in order to consider from this subject too. However, now he has lost only Taksinlek because he has bargained his weight to this boxer for 2 pounds , so he should try his best on every matches as same as this match that he has the much chance to be the winner also.