“Moo” has asked for anyone to be the bargaining one.

Sia Moo Phuket would like to ask for the Muay Thai fans that between the hot one or Phetsakda Phetchareonwit and Kirkkrai Yodyutthamuaithai whoever might bargain the weight for another. Besides, the one has his fresh form and the another has his more experiences. Then, this couple one might fight with funniness surely.

For Suek One Weeraphon and Suek Moo Saphanmai that might broadcast on this Friday of 18th March in 2016 at Lumphinee Ramintra boxing stadium, the teamwork have made the interesting lists to fight on this match. Besides, it might have Thomas S. Chaichareon to get revenge with Rangkhao Chareonkittikorn again as the master one of the program following by the others.

Similarly, now Phetsakda has showed his fresh form by winning continuously for 5 matches. On the other hand, Kirkkrai has his more experiences, so it believes that this couple one might be the interesting one to fight with his full performance to be favored by the Muay Thai fans.

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