3 SD channel might broadcast to give an honor to the princess of Thailand.

For Suek honor of Somdej Phrathep  on her anniversary for 61 years old, it might broadcast on this Friday of 1st April 2016 since 9.30 – 11.30 p.m.. Besides, this program might setup at Nangleang race course. In addition, the Muay Thai fans can come to watch this program for free since 6.00 p.m. And, there might be the grasping of champion in Occupational Muai Thai in 4 couple ones totally 15 couple ones. Then, this program might be supported by Occupational Muai Thai of Thailand with Office Boxing Program.

Therefore, this program might consist of the Female boxer or Thananchanok of Keela Lamphang School to protect the champion of World Occupational Muai Thai in Flyweight with Kokophup W. Santai from Canada , Raseesing W. Wiwattananon to protect the champion of WPMF in Weather Weight with Arther Hugo from France , the master one to grasp the champion of WPMF in Supermiddle weight or Aekchanachai of BangkokThonburi university to fight with Nicolus Chittiyim from England , Alexander Boyan from France to protect the champion of WPMF with Mahasarn Phobtheeratham , Sukita Susumu from Japan to fight with Landro Elitfightclub from Brazil , Anna Elitfightclub from Brazil to fight with Moteki from Japan with totally 15 couple ones.

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