It should prove for the good performance , especially for “Toto”.

Currently, the Muay Thai fans should prove the performance for anyone to have his better kneeing between Intreethong P. Peannaphat fighting with Toto Sitsenate fighting. Besides, they might fight as the master one of Khomchadluek of Suek Muai Thai while Intreethong has his better performance and Toto has his better kneeing. Then, the Muay Thai fans can select for cheer up with anyone.

For Khomchadluek on Suek Muai Thai to celebrate of Songkran festival, it might broadcast the program on this Sunday of 3rd April 2016 at Chitmuengnon boxing stadium. Then, the promoter Deer Kertphet and the teamwork might make the lists of the boxers between Intreethong P. Peannaphat fighting with Toto Sitsenate as the master one. In addition, they have their own advantage ; for example, Intreethong has his good performance by using fists , feet , knees and elbows. And, Toto has his strong knees to fight severely. Therefore, it is confident to fight with funniness , and on this Sunday the Muay Thai fans should watch television on NOW 26 channel since 7.15-9.15 P.M.

Deer has revealed that this one is the interesting with good experiences to fight. Thus, it might be the proving of the good performance , and the winner might be supported to fight with the excellent ones continuously for sure.

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