“Rittichai” might fight on Phunsia boxing round.

Phairoj Phanpho or the big boss of Sitsarawatsia is really confident that his beloved boxer or Ritchai Sitsarawatsia might pass into the Final  round on Phunsia boxing round surely. Besides, he has just been the winner for twice times , so in the next match he can fight with anyone.

After Rittichai Sitsarawatsia has showed his good performance on 16th  Phunsia boxing round excellently , the senior one or Phairoj Phanpho or the head of Sitsarawatsia boxing camp is really glad much with his good confidence to let his boxer to maintain his form to pass into the Final round definitely.

Phairoj said that now he is really contented with the form of his boxer to pass into the Semi Final round of 16th Phunsia boxing round , so he should pay attention to practice himself and prepare himself much more. And, he shouldn’t be careless by focusing on his strength at most. Finally, the Muay Thai fans should come to cheer up and send the encouragement to him. Additionally, though his boxing camp is the small one the boxers in this boxing camp mightn’t make the disappointment to the Muay Thai fans surely.

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