“Kodea” has boasted that “Sing” might defeat “Methee” for sure.

Kodea or Pharanchai Adithepworaphan or the head of Pharanchai boxing camp is really confident that Sing Pharanchai or the beloved boxer of the Muay Thai fans mightn’t make disappointment to anyone. Thus, although this match he might face with the good experience as Methee Sorchor Toipadreaw, he isn’t afraid of this boxer by joining on Suek Gathering of the boxers in Padreaw to broadcast on this 29th April at Lumphinee boxing stadium surely.

Additionally, for the current news of Suek Gathering of the boxers in Padraew setup by Sorchor wichit Ounglaor , it is the great one to be caught the eyes on the Muay Thai fans, there are a lot of the excellent ones to fight with each other. Besides, the top ones are as this following: Sing Phraranchai fighting with Methee Sorchor Toi Padraew in 119 pounds in order to prove the good performance.

Lately, Kodea has come to watch for the preparation of 3 boxers from Phraranchai boxing camp fighting on this program. Moreover, it has seen that every boxer is ready to fight as well as Sing Phraranchai. Similarly, now Sing Phraranchai has recovered from his hurt until coming back to be the winner and maintain his good statistic so long time. Thus, in the next match he might fight with Methee Sorchor Toipadraew ; however, now a lot of Muay Thai fans still wonder in his form. Finally , he has brought the cheering team to join at Lumphinee boxing stadium for approximately of 200 people , so his beloved boxer might not make the disappointment to anyone definitely.

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