Muay Thai: Battle From The Desert Results

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Muay Thai Kick-boxing teaches one to strike with knees, shins, elbows and fists. The combinations which a Muay Thai fighter can bring to the MMA arena can be detrimental into their opponent.

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This gorgeous coastline is used in the towards the north 50 % Bangkok between Knock Tao Shore and Nai Thon Coastline. It’s a lovely two-hundred device type of smooth, studded having dirt in the very center and ringed by using timber. It is a good one swimming laps seashore right now there s great diving by using a snorkel. There will be no properties and one shore establishment through the a few warmth lounge chairs along in the the southern part of end.

Gegard Mousasi vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou- As many expected, this fight was rather lopsided and dominated by Mousasi. Sokoudjou did not look any different then he did in the UFC, gassing out and basically giving up. Mousasi, on your other hand, showed why is his considered, by many if not all, the best light heavyweight outside for this UFC. The fight showcased Mousasi’s skill towards the feet properly as on the ground surface. Even when Sokoudjou got a dominate top position, Mousasi used it to his advantage. Al though the victory had not been over a highly regarded opponent in Sokoudjou, Mousasi shined in this fight, showing his versatility and stone-cold composure. Mousasi definitely raised some eyebrows amongst fans, and quite possibly with other promoters (i.e. the UFC).

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