Thailand – Tourist Information & The Muay Thai training camp .

Thailand is an amazing kingdom located in South eastern Asia. It has many Buddhist temples, stunning islands and exotic wildlife. Thailand also has a long and fascinating history and original culture and tradition that includes world known Thai cuisine and Thai massage. This beautiful country also possesses a modern and vibrant capital city and people that are so friendly that Thailand made Thailand to be known as the land of smiles.

Thailand has tropical climate and the temperature varies between 19 and 38 C during the whole year. The climate is the reason why tourists visit this country throughout the year. However it is good to know that there is a “raining season” in Thailand and it’s better to avoid it although you can find places in Thailand that are not affected by the raining season at all.

We have mentioned before that Thais are proud of their history that dates back for thousands of years. There are many archeological sites here and some sites that are protected by UNESCO. While we are talking about history we should mention that Thailand was once known as Siam.

While you are in Thailand you can choose to visit some festival, perform some recreational activities, see some attractions or go shopping. These are some of the things that tourists in Thailand do most often although there are many other activities that can be taken while you are there.

Thailand has many natural, historical , many Muay Thai camp to train Muay Thai and cultural attractions. We will only mention some of them because the list is very long. The Grand Palace is the most popular tourist attraction in Thailand. Located in Bangkok this structure was once used as a residence by the Thai king. Now it is used for ceremonial purposes and as a tourist attraction. While you are there you can see the Emerald Buddha statue and some of the amazing gardens.

If you like animals we suggest you visit the Chiang Mai Zoo. Chiang Mai is located in the north of Thailand and this is the area where many exotic animals can be found. While you are there you can also take some of the tours to explore the local jungles.

If you are interested in water sports and beaches Thailand will amaze you such as Muay Thai or Thai Boxing . You can choose some of the many beautiful islands in Thailand like Koh Ngam, Phuket, Ko Tarutao, Ko Samui etc. There are literally dozens of amazing islands there.

Visiting Thailand can be a life changing experience because all of the things that you will see and experience there, so if you want to have a completely different kind of vacation we strongly recommend visiting Thailand!

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